Who is a Leader?

Leaders are needed in so many places and asked to show up in so many ways. Every room they enter is a different experience with a new lesson to be learned.

Imagine a leader walks into a conference room to give a presentation. She is hosting all 90 of the team leaders, she wants to motivate, inspire and ignite them. It is a retreat of sorts, or an ‘advance’ as my friend Kevin calls it. The aim is to pause, reflect and advance forward. She takes in the current state of the group. Some are paying attention to facts and some to a dreaminess about the future. She has a vision for something new, better, different and more impactful.

How do great leaders do this? How do they read the room? They talk to others! They get quiet! They think about their past experiences and lean into them by drawing clues and learning from their own past. They listen to younger employees to gather innovative ideas from their peers and teams. Great leaders brainstorm to highlight the goals and find a clear vision. They have to lean into hope. Then these leaders celebrate successes, help develop others, and reflect on what got them there. They motivate with hope and championship what is important. When they engage with their team, they challenge them. Mostly, they listen to them.


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