Revolutionizing Your Leadership Experience

Experience-Based Coaching for Executive Leaders and their Teams 

Expeditionary Leadership Coaching

Do you want to feel 100% fulfilled as a 24/7 Leader?  Are you excited for a lasting way to engage & inspire others? Maximize your experience with movement based experiential coaching.

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Organizational Experience Coaching

Are you an executive who influences organization culture, direction and strategic planning? Creatively design the development & deployment of leadership strategies and action plans that increase employee and customer engagement.

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Online Leadership Coaching

Do you want to be an energized, connected & effective leader? Do you want to have the energy to do ALL of the important things in your life? In just 8 weeks you will discover how to be the best, most evocative leader you were born to be.

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Executive leadership coaching with PULP is an experience-based process designed to inspire action for high level leaders by helping define leadership goals and achieve results through a fusion of serious play, mutual trust, and executive coaching principals


“The experience from today was challenging and uncomfortable and I loved it. It was very rewarding and meaningful.”  

-Ashley (Deputy District Manager)


Evoke it, Engage it, Experience it



8 Week Online Coaching for executives and their teams. Reclaim your energy, create authentic connections & get catalytic results!

Live & Lead Boldly

Kristen Truman-Allen PhD, MS, RN, PCC is on a mission to ensure that every leader and the people that they serve, live a fully engaged and integrated whole life.

Kristen is the owner and Chief Experience Officer for Pulp Leadership Coaching. With a doctorate in Human Development focused on professional coaching,

Kristen uses metaphor and wilderness experiences in her coaching of teams and individuals to help create powerful professional growth.

She brings her experiences as a Health Care administrator, Emergency nurse, Outward Bound expeditionary learning instructor and Organization Development professional into her coaching. Her focus is on empowering leaders and teams toward a revolutionized leadership experience.


Are you exhausted, disconnected or feeling ineffective?

Take the Engagement Assessment! Rate your engagement vs burnout and learn how to get the most out of your teams.

Do you want to know how to be a more effective, fulfilled leader?

Use my 8 Step Blueprint to LEAD BOLDLY. Learn how to revolutionize your leadership and create a 100% engaged and wholly integrated life.


Learn my 3 secrets to effective, engaged, and energized leadership. Watch now!

For individualized & customized keynotes, groups, workshops, presentations & expeditions, please contact Kristen.

Coaching available by phone or in person for experiential coaching.


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