A Snow Shoe Experience with Dr Kristen Truman-Allen

On a team expedition snowshoeing, you might be focused on a specific development area, like communication. Having had some structured coaching content prior to the expedition, we set out to just be play and see what comes up!

Imagine seventeen members all moving at different paces. Some never have snow-shoed or even been in the mountains! Each team member has a different level of physical agility, and everyone is moving at different pace. When one person is driving hard they may be way ahead of the group. The last one in the group may feel left behind. Often times, no one wants to complain or feel like they are holding anyone back and they surely won't say if they are hurting or frustrated or scared or insecure. What you experience with me in this case is holding space for all of these emotional, physical and communication challenges to come up.

Because we are in a different environment, the challenge actually parallels how things are in their team or organization and individually. You experience a choice and chance to discover what is going on for you and the team in a new way. This extra level of experience embodies the challenge, so you remember it with more impact.

When we encounter challenges through the expedition, we pause. We talk about what's going on and what we notice. What is your leadership pace? What is the pace of the people you're following? What are you experiencing? Frustration? Excitement?

We reflect on who on the team is communicating and how. What is happening along the line of people to the back? What is not being said that needs to be said in order to be safe and move officially ineffective?

The team may experience some discomfort doing something that feels out of the ordinary routine, it may feel a bit scary. The experience of the challenge inspires courage and power within the accomplishment of just doing it, finishing and learning! That sense of accomplishment leads to new insights into the original development area.

Every expedition is different and is informed by the goal and the intent. I always design the experience around your team or individual goals. I watch for the metaphors and listen for what is most important to you and to pose impactful questions to invite self-discovery and self-championship.

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