3 Simple employee engagement strategies for executive leaders.


Executive leaders, your engagement is crazy important.  Your team engagement will effect your overall success! 

Engagement is the most valuable measure of employee productivity and loyalty. Ensuring that your employees have creative, playful, healthy connected opportunities for their work will help them serve others without getting burned out.  Focusing on their engagement will revolutionize your experience as a leader as you all become more engaged, purposeful, and healthy and achieve catalytic results.   And when your employees are engaged you have less turnover and recruitment expenses, less conflict management and way more creative solutions. 

So, if you are looking for ways to keep your employees ignited, even during change, uncertainty or even chaos, these strategies are for you. 

Here are three simple strategies for getting 100% employee engagement

Number 1.    Be Vulnerable  Share your current reality.  Even if it is uncomfortable or controversial.  When you are transparent and share as much information as you legally and morally can, employees won’t have to make up information.  They won’t catastrophize, assume worst case scenario or respond from fear.  Instead you are extending trust, deepening loyalty and offering creative tension so they can find creative solutions.  Share facts and data as well as how it effects you and them personally.  Don’t sugar coat information.  You hired them because you trusted them and you needed them.  So take the risk, lean in, extend trust, and be clear, kind and direct.

This brings me to the second simple strategy

Number 2.  Share Decision Making. Invite your best thinkers to co-create a new reality.  If your employees have all of the right, real information, they can embrace what is true and collectively create effective solutions.  HOLD your employees completely capable of sharing in decisions.  Consider setting up equitable councils in which diverse front- line members of the organization are on boards and are in decision making groups to change processes and systems.  Extend trust and invite creativity and innovation by the people who intimately know what is going on.  Trust and Encourage steady progress. Be patient and keep moving toward solutions.  YOU do not have to have all the answers and you’ll be surprised at the immense creativity of your employees.

Number 3. Assess Engagement Often.  I’m serious, do this at least Monthly, in addition to your quarterly and annual engagement surveys.   Your relationship with your teams is the best indicator of engagement and the more you know about their risk for burnout and their overall engagement, in the moment, the more effective you will be in handling situations and course correcting early.  Here’s how to assess their engagement.

  1. Find out about what makes them feel connected. Ask them what part of their work feels meaningful?

Ask them if and where they feel disconnected or depersonalized from their work?  And find out Who they are appreciative of and connected to in the team?

Next,  Assess their energy; Learn what is exhausting them and what they need in order to be at their best energetically.

Finally, assess their feelings of effectiveness.   Ask them, what results are important to them.  How are they measuring results?  How effective do they feel?

Once you’ve assessed Engagement, follow through with what you have learned.  Help them get their barriers removed and their needs met.

Remember, Engagement is the best measure of productivity and loyalty and the opposite of engagement is burnout.  Your job is to ensure that we have energized, connected, effective teams in order to solve the unique problems our organizations face today.   Remember to implement these 3 simple strategies to improve employee engagement. 

Be Vulnerable, Share Decision Making and Assess Engagement often

Thank you for joining me.

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