3 Great Breaks To Take During Times of Crisis


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In times of crisis and uncertainty, anxiety and stress are high. This means we are in an inflammatory state and our minds and bodies shift to fight or flight stress response.  This is helpful short term, however if we stay in this reaction, it wears on our bodies and our spirits and we become less effective.  Ongoing stress response is not sustainable.  PLUS its crazy distracting.

Taking breaks can give you breakthroughs in your cognitive thinking work and decrease your stress and anxiety response which will help you have sustainable energy for your important work.

So, if you are experiencing stress and anxiety and leading in crisis,  YOU are NOT alone!

I wish for you to lead from your best  best, most playful , engaging, creative self so oyou can impact and influence others in a positive way.  AND we get catalytic results!

So here are 3 great breaks you can take during times of crisis.  

First: Get Grounded:  Here are several ways you can get grounded

Get outside.  And literally ground yourself by putting your feet planted firmly on the earth..  preferably barefoot.   

Garden, grow something, and play in the dirt. 

Get silent. Find a place alone to notice and appreciate the details of the environment around you.  Listen to the whispers of your intuition.

Breathe.  Take 4 really deep belly breaths.  Move your body . Do something physical with your body, walk around the block, do some push ups, wall squats or even headstands.  How about downward dog,  or any yoga warrior pose. 

Meditate there are several great aps that you can do guided meditations for as few as 3 minutes if that’s the time you have to help you get grounded.

The Second great break is to, Raise Your Vibration

Do things, read things or be around people that make you laugh.  Laughing together creates bonding as much as the hard engaging serious work. Laughing raises your vibration.

Read books and listen to music or podcasts that inspire you. 

Drink water and limit caffeine and sugar. 

Declutter.  This might be my favorite.

 There’s something about a 15 minute declutter blitz can energize you for 2-3 more hours. AND clutter, in your environment parallels clutter in your mind.  Pay attention to this.

One more thing, to raise your vibration, I recommend gratitude.  Practice by noticing the things you love about your people, your environment, experiences, everything.  Comment on it.  Write about it.  Tell each other what you appreciate.  Send thank you notes. You’ll be surprised at what this does for your energy. (and theirs).   

This brings us to the Third great break which is to RECONNECT.  Reconnect in your relationships and your purpose.

Call someone you care about. Spend quality time with a mentor.

 Spend sacred time with people you love, maybe this is dinner time or breakfast time.  Sacred time is focused attention in a conversation without multitasking.  This is about quality not quantity when we’re taking breaks.

Connect to your why.  Journal or express to someone you respect, why you are doing the work you do, so you can stay connected to your purpose.  This will help carry your in times of crisis when it’s hardest to stay connected.

As a leader your responsibility in crisis is heavy.  You deserve to last a long time, and live energized and fulfilled.  I wish for you to have opportunities to lighten the experience, shift your energy and optimize your health. 

Remember  3 great breaks in times of crisis.  1  GET GROUNDED  2. RAISE YOUR VIBRATION  and 3. RECONNECT to your relationships and your purpose.

Thank you for joining me.




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