Organizational Experience Coaching

Coaching to influence organizational direction, culture change and strategic planning

The PULP Experience

PULP partners as an executive coach and system champion dedicated to creating a culture of engagement for leaders and employees. 

  • Integrate work- life balance
  • Identify & mitigate burnout
  • Improve quality of life
  • Engage teams in shared decision making
  • Manage competing priorities
  • Lead without fear
  • Inspire Trust

Coaching available by phone or in person for experiential coaching.

PULP Workshops & Key Notes:

  • Inspiring an Experience of Engaged Leadership; Engagement not Burnout
  • Evocative Imagery; The experience of metaphor in the coaching conversation
  • Evoke your Energy; Inspire Your Life
  • Nothing about me without me (patient & employee engagement)
  • Authentic Connections (health care provider communication)
  • Tap into your essence; Inspire your work

Gain clarity about your vision for work & life!

Be present, enjoy your family AND your work!


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